Please submit your abstract here.

Deadline for NFKK 2018 abstract submission is 30 March 2018

You are invited to submit an abstract for the NFKK 2018 Congress. Much of the success of any congress depends on the quality and range of abstracts. We are interested in giving an opportunity not only for the invited speakers but also for everyone interested in sharing their work and enthusiasm with colleagues.

Please consider submitting an abstract either reporting scientific work and reporting recent innovations or interventions, results or case studies within the scope of the Congress. Abstracts will be accepted for a poster presentation only.


  • Abstracts must be in English.
  • Abstracts should not exceed 250 words, title included.
  • The title should be concise and descriptive of the work to be reported. It should not exceed 20 words and must be written in CAPITAL letters.
  • The author submitting the abstract should appear as the first named author. The first author is expected to be also the presenter if not mentioned other. Give the authors names: Surname, First Name(s) of each author. Indicate with number(s) the affiliation(s).
  • The names of authors, names of hospitals, medical schools or clinics are not to be mentioned in the title or text of the abstract.
  • Use Arabic numerals for all numbers except at the beginning of a sentence where they should be written out. Use standard abbreviations and symbols. Keep abbreviations to a minimum and define each one when it is used for the first time.
  • Abstracts are not edited by the organisers and author corrections will NOT be accepted after final submission. Abstracts should therefore be checked carefully for accuracy prior to submission.
  • You should indicate one topic from the list that best suits your paper. The topics are used by the Scientific Committee to place abstracts in the most appropriate sessions.

It is recommended that the text of the abstract should include:

  • INTRODUCTION / BACKGROUND: A statement of the purpose of the study / project / description of activity (preferably in one sentence)
  • METHODS: A brief description of the methods used
  • RESULTS: A summary of the results obtained / experiences gained in sufficient detail
  • CONCLUSIONS: Theoretical and/or practical implications

Do not submit attachments, slides, or any reference materials with the abstract. Please do not give any figures or tables in the abstract.

The organizers reserve the right either to accept or reject an abstract for poster presentation.

Notice of acceptance will be e-mailed to submitting authors by TBI

Please note that registration (with a payment) is a condition for abstract acceptance.